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Surround Yourself with Happy!


Nautical Decor


Decorate with what makes you happy!  I say if it makes you happy, use it.

For me, too much of a theme is well . . . too much of a theme for me.  

So many ideas and so much advice flowing from social media.  While I value advice, it is my house!  What makes me happy and comfy may not make you happy and comfy.  I just happen to love all things BEACH.  Whether it's my shell chandelier or my retro dive girl over the kitchen sink, all of the items I fill my house with make me feel happy and comfy.  

Let's not even get started on the pillows.  An easy way to update any space.  And, yes, not everyone appreciates the charm of pillows.  Especially when it's time to remove them at night.  To me, though, pillows can bring color and texture to any seating surface.

Here's what I do.  I pick something that inspires me . . . whether it is a wall color, an accent piece . . . or in the room above . . . a picture I took on our local beach that I enlarged and made into a canvas.  For me, whatever piece inspires me gives me a decorating direction.

Ready.  Set.  Decorate with what makes you happy!

July 25, 2018
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