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Beach Music!


Beach Music!

Why is my best nap by the sea?  I think it is the beach music.

Is it the sound of the waves? There's something just so calming about the gentle pounding of the water reaching the sand.

Children chasing each other? The delight children find in building sandcastles is just one of the most beautiful sounds on the beach.

The lifeguard whistle?  Keeping us safe during the day, and a whistle to say good night when their day ends.  There is such a peaceful calm resting on the beach when the summer sun begins to fade.

The seagulls chatting?  Trying to search beach blankets and bags to see who may have left a little piece of something for them.

Yes, I think it is all of the beach music.  I'm not one to bring my music to the beach.  I so enjoy the music I hear there already.  


April 27, 2018
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