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There's Just Something About the Winter Beach


Winter Beach

Boots.  Parka.  Hat.  Gloves.  Yes, this is how I dress to walk my winter beach during the ever changing month of March here in the Northeast.

Walking up my favorite beach path, I am surprised at how calm the wind appears to be.  As I reach the open beach, however, I am confronted by a sea breeze that although chilly this time of year, will bring a welcome relief during the summer.  

The beach is basically open.  Me. And the birds.  The remnant truck tracks of a fisherman spending his time by the water.  

The beach changes so much in the winter.  All of our storms have rearranged our beach and given us a very large sandbar that all of the children will enjoy investigating come summer.  When our children were small, they loved the little ponds that our sandbars created.  It was like their own private lake.

The storms also deliver some lovely shells to our shores.  I am always amazed when I find one of my shells.  It's almost like it was placed there for me to find.  Resting among all the other shells, I wonder how someone passed this one up! 

There's just something about the winter beach.  Maybe it's the solitude.  Maybe it's the anticipation of warm weather to come.  Maybe it's the gifts from the sea I collect as I walk.   

As I tighten my parka hood for the windy walk back to my favorite beach path, I feel the warmth of the bright sun and look forward to the summer days that will be spent here on my favorite beach.


March 19, 2018