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My love affair with the beach



Love the beach

When did my love affair with the beach begin?

It started with trips to the Jersey Shore with my parents in the late 60's.  Laying on the beach with my mom and my favorite book while my dad enjoyed fishing in the ocean.  My full-time working mom would spend countless hours preparing the food that would last us our week at the beach.  

As I grew up, the weekends at the beach turned into summer cottages with girlfriends.  As tiny as our summer rental was . . . it was ours . . . at least from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  On one of those summer occasions, I met my husband.

Our dream as a family has always been to have a spot by the sea. My children also now have a love affair with the beach.  While my daughter and I are laying on the beach with our favorite books, my son and husband are exploring the water.  Enter spouses who now also have a love affair with the beach.  The tradition continues.

Most important of all to me, though, is spending time together . . . whether at the beach or not.  


August 23, 2018
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