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Surfboard Artwork Wood Print #6

$ 99.99

Hang Ten!

Artist Suzanne Nicoll's surfboard image is printed directly onto a distressed wood panel with occasional knots and other natural characteristics.  The panels are composed of tongue and groove slats of hemlock, fir or adler.  Printing over the natural wood, allows each panel to gain character and interest.  No two will be the same!

Now for the fun . . . this item can be personalized just how you want it.  A name.  A place.  A name + a place.  A place + coordinates.  Two personalized lines are $10.  Just let us know what you would like to say on the "Customer Notes" section of your order page.

Available in two sizes:  11" x 32" and 14" x 40".  Will ship directly from the manufacturer, so please allow up to two weeks for delivery.  PERSONALIZED ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.